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You ever meet that guy that puts on a “good ole boy” prasona so strong you know something is not right?

There are those in the world who could never quite make it on their own ideas.  They also never really wanted to put in the work to know something in and out.  They just wanted money.

These type of people have no idea what it takes to make a business.  So what they do is go to work for someone and learn the surface. Just good enough to sound like they know something.

Then they convince other workers at the company they can make more money on a hustle.

Next they leave the company and use quotes from their old job not knowing what they mean but it sounds good.

All the while back dooring the company they worked for, stealing their potential clientele using the employees that work there.

They try and duplicate the business.  After all, it looked so simple.  It always does to people who have no idea how to build something from the ground up.

Once people have gone through life long enough doing this, its all they know.

What many may find interesting and may not know is if an individual defrauds a company, and it also effects the current clients of this business, the perpetrator will be held liable for all losses.

Sometimes it can take a while even a few years.  If you stay with it long enough, people can’t stay quite.  Everyone eventually slips up.  The employees will eventually blab to the wrong person and who knows, you might finally get one of those clients that were stolen to convince other clients to tell their story.

If this has ever happened to you, stay with it.  Inevitably, one day, you will be able to say…


If you feel you have fallen victim to a person who claimed to have years of experience in a service but turned out to be a scammer…


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